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A Race Track for Autos, Motorcycles and Karts in New Orleans


New Orleans Gets a Motor Sports Race Track

As most people know, New Orleans has become a major sports center because of its hosting of numerous Super Bowls, Final Fours, College Bowls, Sailing Regattas, Golf Tournaments, etc, etc. Well now we have our own race track, NOLA Motorsports Park. At the NOLA Sportspark you can race cars, karts, or motorcycles on different courses averaging about 2.5 miles with 14-16 turns. And, there are more courses on the way. Can you believe a user friendly race track just a short 20 minute drive from the historic French Quarter? And just like the Crescent City, this track is not stuffy but much more laid back and friendly just like the City it calls home. This fun venue lays claim to being the only track in America in such close proximity to such a wonderful place as New Orleans.

Visiting Membership

The accommodations are plentiful, music everywhere, the people are friendly and the food recognized worldwide. Whether you like the party scene of Bourbon Street, a quiet stroll through the historic French Quarter or an afternoon ride on a Street Car uptown to see the amazing architecture, everyone will find something to enjoy in the diverse culture of New Orleans. For those visiting, the track offers a Visiting Membership during your stay. If you would like to ship a car to drive, you may avail yourself to a full concierge service to enhance your visit to NOLA Motorsports Park. They offer driving schools, karting, therapeutic center and much more... there is something here for the entire family. Their staff will be happy to guide you in your visit, not only with the park, but also to the hot spots around town.

The Motorsports Park Facilities

The Motorsports Park offers facilities for just about anything with a motor ranging from cars and motorcycles to karts. Anyone with a car can enjoy the tracks and facilities whether you are a driver, race fan or rider you can rest assured that there is a place for you. The tracks are there for both competitive and recreational usage. Each month they offer two easy ways to get on the track with your vehicle, NASA weekends and Open Track Days.

NASA Racing Weekends

On NASA weekends the Park brings the excitement of NASA Racing to Louisiana. They are partnered with the National Auto Sport Association and thus bring a well established and nationally recognized racing program to town. Since all races will run within the NASA classes and rulebooks, racers may travel from across the country to compete is they so desire.

Open Track Days

Open track days allow anyone the opportunity to try their own vehicles on the race track. Here you will get the thrill of what it is like to race in the big leagues or just see how much gusto your machine has. If you are a motorcycle rider you are most welcomed. There are facilities to prepare your bike for the track and if you need to rent protective gear, that is available also. There is even a lounge and bar for relaxation after your thrilling ride.

Buy a Vacation Home at The Track

If you are an avid speed freak you may want to take advantage of the real estate opportunities being offered. Trackside villas are being offered to afford you with luxury accommodations trackside for entertainment, viewing and lodging for you and your friends. Lot sizes start at 1/3 acre with prices ranging from $175,000 - $225,000. These villas provide ground floor garage/shop space for your convenience and just about anything else you can imagine including security video monitoring and 24/7 security. Climate-Controlled garages are also available for sale.

Location and More Information

The NOLA Motorsports Park is located at 11075 Nicolle Boulevard; Avondale, LA 70094, Telephone 504-302-4875. Go to the official website for all the information you need.

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