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New Orleans VooDoo - New Orleans' Arena Football Team, the VooDoo


The VooDoo is New Orleans' arena football team, and has really caught on in this sports-crazy town.

A Little History:

In 2002, the Saints' owner Tom Benson became the first NFL owner to acquire an arena football team. The VooDoo got its name after fans voted online to name the team after one of the city's most famous phenomenons.

In 2004, the VooDoo won 11 games, making it the first AFL team in history to do so in its inaugural year. The team had a home record of 7 and 1, tying with San Jose and Colorado for the best home record. They went to the playoffs that year, but lost to the Colorado Crush. Nevertheless, VooDoo Head Coach Mike Neu was named Coach of the Year for 2004. Then the team was sold and New Orleans lost the VooDoo

The VooDoo Is Back, Get Out Your MoJos

The VooDoo is back for the 2011 season. Just so you'll know, the chief VooDoo mascot is Bones, a walking skeleton who wears a top hat and ragged tailcoat. His co-mascot is Mojo, a furry something-or-other, who looks much friendlier. The playing field is known in the city as "The Graveyard."

Tickets and More:

The VooDoo plays at the New Orleans Arena. For tickets and the schedule go to the official .

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