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VooDoo Authentica


The Shop:

Voodoo Authentica Cultural Center & Collection is located at 612 Dumaine Street. This is not the same as the Voodoo Museum, located about a block away. At the Cultural Center you will find authentic voodoo products for sale, such as dolls, ju-ju bags, ritual kits, and much more,

The Products:

You can consult the experts there for voodoo spells, consultations, or "spiritual work." The spells are written and packaged for special needs, such as healing, love, passion, and unhexing. Special oils are packaged for "magickal purposes." The ritual kits come with instructions, a "coffin box", a doll, a candle,and several other necessary items to do your own Voodoo ritual. Books and videos are also available, and products are also offered online.

The Services:

You can have a consultation with a practitioner, or plan a themed event. Voodoo demonstrations and ritual shows are offered, with dancing, drumming, and spell making. You can even have a voodoo wedding.


This is not the muscial weekend you may be familiar with, but is a religious event that takes place in Congo Square, the traditional gathering place of slaves in old New Orleans. On Halloween, from 12pm-7pm, there will be educational presentations, authentic Oils, gris-gris bags, dolls, and other crafts. Also offered are New Orleans, African, and Haitian SpiritualaArt. Refreshments are free.and more. The event ends with an ancestral healing ritual. Admission is free.

Contacting The Shop:

Hours at the shop are 11am--7pm Thursday through Monday. Telephone (504)522.2111, or visit the website.
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