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Spring Fling on Magazine Street


Shops and Restaurants along Magazine Str

Shops and Restaurants along Magazine Street

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Magazine Street

Magazine Street, offers six miles of unique shopping, dining and more. With small speciality shops, clothing stores, shoe stores, jewelry shops and lots of antique shops, Magazine Street is the best shopping street in New Orleans.


There's more than just shopping on Magazine Street. There are many options for dining, whether it's an upscale restaurant for lunch or dinner, a more casual cafe with outdoor seating or a stop for a refreshing sno-ball or gelato, Magazine Street provides what you're looking for.

Spring Fling

Every Spring, usually on the day before Mother's Day, the Magazine Street Merchants get together for Spring Fling, a great day of special sales, wine and cheese, and more. It's a great day to wonder up and down Magazine Street shopping for bargains and enjoying some special hospitality.

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