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March is Fashion Month in New Orleans


Enjoy Fashion Events Throughout March in New Orleans

New Orleans in particular and the South in general have always been draws for creative people like artists, musicians, authors, dancers, and actors. So, it's not surprising that there are some great fashion designers in and around New Orleans. The NOLA Fashion Council was established to showcase and promote these designers. Out of that organization has come many ideas and events to show that New Orleans is not to be overlooked in the world of fashion. March is fashion month in New Orleans and there are events you should know about.

NOLA Fasion Week

One of the events that debuted in March of 2011 with great success is NOLA Fashion Week. During Fashion Week there are runway shows at various venues around the city featuring many talented Southern designers. NOLA Fashion Week also features Educational Workshops that are expanded every year to educate budding Southern industry hopefuls about the business of fashion and beauty. The program is modeled after similar industry events such as Vogue University and CFDA accredited workshops. These workshops include hands-on workshops and lectures hosted by industry insiders and experts including designers, photographers, bloggers, marketers, entrepreneurs, hair dressers and stylists. The workshops are set up in 6 class tracks in an intimate setting and are held for four days duing NOLA Fashion Week.

NOLA Fashion Week starts off with Retail Shopping Day in both New Orleans and Baton Rouge and features trunk shows of various designers in stores all over both cities. In addition to seeing the latest fashions, you can purchase them at discounted prices. Now that's retail therapy.

Fashion Market

Of course, those of us who are not in the fashion industry are going to want to see and have a chance to purchase the newest fashions. That will happen at the Fashion Markets that are open to the public every afternoon. Some are in the French Market and after every runway show. NOLA Fashion Market will present emerging independent Southern based and born designer collections, as well as local artisan brands displayed in the Ogden Museum of Southern Art.

All the Information You Need

All the information you need, including schedules, designers, runway times and venues, go to the NOLA Fashion Week website.

Fashion Week New Orleans

At the end of the month there's another fashion event you won't want to miss. It's Fashion Week New Orleans. The goal is basically the same at NOLA Fashion Week, to promote Southern Designers. But, there's an extra feature to Fashion Week New Orleans and that's the element of charitable contributions. The goal is to redefine what it means to be fashionable while giving back to the community through charitable partnerships, scholarships, and a Fashion Industry Career Day. Prior receipants of this organization are, NO/AIDS Task Force, Dress for Success, The New Orleans Firefighters Foundation and The Fashion Institute of New Orleans.

Main Events

Fashion Week New Orleans features a design contest in which over 35 incredible runway shows featuring retailers, boutiques, established designers, and emerging designers who participate in a Project Runway style competition vying for the prize of “Top Designer.” There's also a bridal showcase including runway shows and exhibitors to help with everything you need to plan your wedding. There's also a Career Day Career Day that will provide an opportunity for the region’s students to learn from and network with industry professionals, companies, designers, and fashion leaders. The goal is to increase the student’s exposure to valuable resources, enhance skill sets, and provide career development guidance to the next generation of fashion professionals.

Information on Events, Schedules and More

For all the information you need about dates and schedules and more, go to the Fashion Week New Orleans website.

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