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Inexpensive Places to Eat in New Orleans


Looking for some great places to get New Orleans food at great prices? Check out these favorite "Cheap Eats" places.

1. Central Grocery

The Central Grocery in the French Quarter is the home of the "Muffuletta."

2. Joey K's

Joey K's
(C)2004 Sharon Keating
For a great neighborhood place for comfort food on Magazine Street try Joey K's.

3. Lucy's Retired Surfer's Bar

Lucy's is a Warehouse/Arts District hangout for the locals with great casual food.

4. Port of Call

A favorite hamburger joint at the edge of the lower French Quarter.

5. Domilise's

(c) 2004 Sharon Keating
A great Uptown neighborhood po-boy joint.

6. Juan's Flying Burrito

This is a fun and quirky Mexican restaurant with a distinctly New Orleans flare.  The Mojitos are made with New Orleans rum and I recommend them. Juan's has two locations. One is Uptown at 2018 Magazine Street, and the other is in Mid-City at 4724 South Carrollton Avenue (at Canal Street).

7. Slim Goodies

Slim Goodies is a classic diner with good burgers and great breakfasts. It's located at 3321 Magazine Street, near Louisiana Avenue. It will always have a special place is my heart since it was one of the few restaurants that was open shortly after Hurricane Katrina. In the early days after Katrina, the few of us who were back in town tended to gather here for comfort food. There's nothing like a greasy spoon restaurant for that.
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