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Tales of the Cocktail



Tales of the Cocktail is a five-day event to celebrate and explore the history and spirit of the cocktail with great chefs, mixologists, best-selling authors and celebrities which takes place in New Orleans every summer, usually in July.


Events include seminars and demonstrations on mixing cocktails, with food pairings. There are cocktail hours with authors and celebrities, lunches and brunches with cocktail pairings, a walking tour of the French Quarter's famous bars and restaurants, and much more. There are seminars on everything from Jazz, Cocktails, and Stiryville to Hollywood cocktails, "The Thin Man" to "Bond." So very much more, I could get a little tipsy just writing about it.

Spirited Dinners, Lunches and Excursions:

There are usually about twenty-five restaurants that participate in Spirited Dinners and Lunches. Here you can have a wonderful enjoying great food and great cocktails during these intimate dinners. And, there's always the chef and the mixologist to get advise from on both the food and the drinks. There are also special excursions to enjoy.

Free Events:

The best part about the Tales of the Cocktail might just be all the special events that are complimentary. It's a great chance to experience some lively spirits on a budget. Here's a list of these events.

When and Where:

In 2011 the event will be held July 20-24. Get a special deal on the Monteleone and other hotels for this event on this website.

Package deals :

Tickets for the events can be purchased individually or in package deals. Prices on seminars, lunch and brunch presentations and tours vary. You can get package deals which are ususaly better than individual tickets. Either way it's best to get tickets in advance forTales of the Cocktail before you come.

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