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Sno-Balls v. Sno-Cones


Steamy, Sultry, Sexy:

Ahh! Summer in New Orleans. We like to use words like "steamy" and "sultry" to describe the feeling, but the truth is, it's hot. I keep telling myself, the humidity is good for my skin and that I'm not sweating, I'm "glistening." That sounds much sexier.

Sno-Balls v. Sno-Cones:

But the truth is I like summer in New Orleans for many reasons, one reason near the top of my list is that it's sno-ball season. New Orleans sno-balls are not to be confused with sno-cones. Sno-cones are made with crushed ice. In New Orleans, the Hansen family invented a special machine which shaves the ice, making the Sno-ball as different from a Sno-cone as cotton candy is from taffy. They are light and melt in your mouth and you can get just about anything you want on top, including syrup, ice cream, whipped cream, sweetened condensed milk and chocolate sauce.

The Best:

There are many sno-balls stands around town, but the best two are Hansen's Sno-Bliz Sweet Shop, in the 4800 block of Tchoupitoulas, where you can see the original machine invented by Mr. Hansen, and Plum Street Sno-balls on Plum Street in the Carrollton area.

Favorite Flavors:

I love to order nectar syrup and condensed milk or chocolate on mine. Every sno-ball shop has flavors named for the kids like Batman and Superman. Just ask and you can find out the flavors in one of these. One thing unique about Plum Street is the sno-balls are made in Chinese takeout cartons. It's fun, but a little messy.

What's You're Favorite?

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