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Best New Restaurants in New Orleans


Everywhere Else They Eat to Live, in New Orleans We Live to Eat!

New Orleans is all about food, and music, and family, and the celebration of life, and food. It's only natural that the first thing we did after the flood waters of Katrina went away, was to open new restaurants. Like flowers popping up all over your garden in spring after a good rain, new restaurants have popped up all over New Orleans. Here are some to try.


Vizard's at 5015 Magazine Street has become my new favorite restaurant. Vizard's serves Mediterranean cuisine and I love the crab-crusted gulf fish of the day.


This great new restaurant is in the Carrollton area at 8115 Jeannette Street. It's in an old renovated cottage and the portions here are large. Iris serves American food with an Oriental twist. I love the atmosphere.

7 on Fulton

Fulton Street in the Warehouse/Arts District is becoming the new restaurant row. 7 on Fulton is at 700 Fulton, just two blocks from another great restaurant, Wolf's. 7 serves great Louisiana food, try the oysters.

La Boca

Also on Fulton at 857, is La Boca, a new Argentine style steak house serving grilled meats and pasta paired with wines from Argentina and Italy.


Also in the Warehouse/Arts District is Cochon, a new Cajun restaurant. Try the homemade andouille and boudin sausage and the Louisiana crawfish pie.

Luke, John's Besh's newest restaurant, has a Country French atmosphere and menu. Best part-no corkage fee!


Stanley is a new restaurant in the French Quarter. It's located at 1031 Decatur Street. It's a great place for breakfast. Try the Eggs Stanley.

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