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It Snowed in New Orleans on December 11, 2008

New Orleans Snow Photos 2008


It Snowed in New Orleans on December 11, 2008

My Neighbor's House

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December 11, 2008

Today it snowed in New Orleans. That is pretty historic as it is since we don't get a lot of winter, much less snow. But on December 11, 2008 New Orleans woke up to a snowfall!

Check Out The Photos!

Earliest on Record

December 11th is the earliest snow fall New Orleans has ever had. The last time it snowed in New Orleans was on Christmas Day in 2004.Check out those photos!

New Orleanians Are Not Equipped For Snow

The best thing about snow in New Orleans is that we will have a lot of fun with it today and it will be gone tomorrow. That's really a good thing since we have no idea how to drive in snow, we don't have snow tires or chains or whatever is needed for that mischief. Not only that, but New Orleans has no sand or salt trucks, and as far as I know there's no municipality in the entire State of Louisiana that owns a snow plow. I seem to remember that many years ago we borrowed one from Arkansas, but I think we returned that one.

Some Photos

I dug out my winter coat, located some socks and gloves and took a few photos in my neighborhood. The rest of the time I spent talking to my grandchildren, two of whom have never seen snow because they are too young to remember Christmas of '04. My 4 year-old was surprised to find out snow was cold and wet and not made of plastic like she sees in the mall. She enjoyed it anyway and a good time was had by all.

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