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Belladoggie Resort Spa for Dogs in New Orleans


Boudreaux's New Favorite Place

Is there anything more relaxing or renewing than a stay at a resort spa. AHHH, the massages, the facials, the manicures, the pedicures. There are some great day spas in New Orleans. But, how would you like your best friend, your baby, your companion, you doggie to have the same experience? Doesn't that faithfulness and unconditional love deserve a reward? Why not book a day or two at a resort spa that's only for dogs? Sound interesting? It is. One of my canine friends, Boudreaux, spent four days at the Belladoggie Resort Spa while his owner was on vacation. He was happy to see his owner return, but not so happy to leave the resort. When his owner arrived, Boudreaux was playing outdoors with his new found friends. He was relaxed and was sporting a new do and a fabulous pawdicure. He couldn't exactly tell me, but I think he really liked his speciality shampoo and his bubble bath. I know he sure smelled good. I think he's ready to go back anytime.

Belladoggie Resort Spa for Dogs

Belladoggie is a 29,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art facility devoted solely to our canine companions and their well-being. Belladoggie offers everything from retail therapy (for dogs with discriminating taste) to canine physical therapy (for the dog who needs a leg up in the world.) This is a one-of-a-kind place where dogs rule.

The Treatments

The Spa at Belladoggie has the usual menu for canine nail treatments and care that you would expect for a doggie groomer. But, the facilities at Belladoggie go much further. Maybe what your favorite friend needs is a seaweed wrap and a day at the pool for relaxation. Then's there's skin care to be enjoyed. That menu incluedes:

  • Be Paw-Pawed - A heated wax peels for the dog with cracked, damaged or dried pads will moisturize and help restore your dog's paws.
  • Be Well - For the dog with allergies, skin and body treatment remedies can bring relief. Services can be scheduled at any time including during boarding or day care.
  • Be Touched - Therapeutic canine body treatment.
  • Be Wrapped - A skin-soothing seaweed wrap created especially for the dog with problem skin.


If your dog is more of a fitness nut then Belladoggie is the place for him. Options include:

  • Walking in the heated, underwater treadmill to increase stamina and range of motion.
  • Swimming outdoors.
  • Resistance and Exercises
  • Supervised indoor and outdoor playtime
  • Group fitness for the overweight dog
  • Canine Massage
  • Consult and fittings for harnesses and other prosthetics

Day Care and Boarding

Whether your dog want's to go for just a day at the spa or a few days of relaxation while you enjoy New Orleans, Belladoggie can accomodate and the prices are reasonable.


Prices are $20 full day, $15 half day (6 hours or fewer), $10 with spa services.BOARDING:

Kennels start at $25 per dog, Runs start at $35 per dog, Suites start at $50 per dog, Multi-dog & extended-stay discounts are available. Boarding and Day Care both require documentation from your veterinarian to certify that all shots are up to date. Simply have your canine healthcare professional fax the completed form to Belladoggie.

Contact Information

Belladoggie is located at 815 Washington Avenue in Uptown New Orleans, PHONE: 504.309.9510 FAX: 504.309.9615. Official website.

Well how about a heated wax peels for the dog with cracked, damaged or dried pads. This will moisturize and help restore your dog's paws.
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