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City Park in New Orleans has been a favorite place for New Orleans families for generations. City Park has lagoons filled with Bass for fishing, several golf courses, an amusement park with an antique carousel, tennis courts, the Museum of Art, a sculpture garden, beautiful botanical gardens, and Storyland, for the youngest members of the family. It has also been voted by my family as the best place to climb trees since it is set in one of the largest stand of centuries-old Live Oak Trees in the world.
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Storylandcity parkPopp's FountainsculptureSculptureBotanical GardensStag Horn Fern
Botanical GardensStone LionsBotanical GardensPavillion of the Two SistersBotanical GardensThe FlutistBotanical GardensArbor
Botanical GardensThe "Palm Bench"Botanical GardensOak TreeBotanical GardensBridge Over a Lagoon Botanical GardensLily Pond
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