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Haunted Bars in New Orleans


Haunted Bars in New Orleans

Alibi Bar

Courtesy of The Alibi Bar

Alibi Bar:

811 Iberville Street just off of Bourbon Street. The Alibi is a late-night hangout that serves 150 different kinds of beer. The staff has reported incidents of knives flying off the bar and into the floor, in an area where a man was supposedly stabbed to death some years back. Other items seem to take flight at the bar as well, and shadowy figures have occasionally been spotted by patrons. In the attic area, which is off limits to the public, chained-up slave children have been seen.

Pat O'Brien's:

Pat O'Brien's is at 718 St. Peter St. While there are no specific entities known, the staff and the former owner have reported footsteps wandering around in the empty attic. The third floor is downright creepy, and many of the employees won't go up there alone. Upon going to the ladies room, customers have sometimes become unaccountably apprehensive on the stairway as they approach the second floor, and this has nothing to do with the famous Hurricane's served there. Something also likes to move things around.

Lafitte's Blacksmith's Shop:

One of the most haunted bars anywhere, Lafitte's reports numerous ghosts, including the reflection of a beautiful woman in an upstairs mirror as well as the spirit of the pirate himself. The ghost of "E.J." waits at the bar for his wife as he promised on his deathbed. Lights turn themselves on and off, and customers report taps on the shoulder by an invisible hand. Numerous photos have been taken showing orbs and misty forms in and outside of the building.

O'Flaherty's Irish Channel Pub:

514 Toulouse St. O'Flaherty's is haunted by Angelique, mistress of the owner of the house in the 1800's. After he pushed her from the third floor window, her lover jumped to his own death. The two of them wander on the upper floor, and the courtyard where they landed is a place where customers report feeling "cold spots." Another murder/suicide has left an unpleasant spirit on the second story, possibly a hanged man. Four ghosts on the upper floors watch patrons in the patio from time to time.

The Old Absinthe House:

240 Bourbon St. The ghost of Jean Lafitte, still planning the Battle of New Orleans, has been seen here by sober employees. Parties have been given by spirits after the bar has closed, yet no one has been able to place physical bodies to go with the laughter and good times had by these ghosts. Chairs and dishes move around on their own accord, and things have flown off the walls and bar in full view of the clientele. Vaporous shadows and strange noises come from tunnels under the building.

Kerry Irish Pub:

331 Decatur Street. Kerry Irish Pub has its share of regulars who enjoy the Guinness and other brews and liquors. The music spans an assortment of styles, from the Gaelic to bluegrass to rock. The hauntings in this bar seem to consist of eerie sounds and feelings, such as the sound of incorporeal footsteps, ghostly voices and whispers, and cold spots. Doors have opened or closed by themselves, and customers report feelings of being followed when there's no one there.

Yo Mama's Bar and Grill:

727 St. Peter St. Considered a very "cool" bar, Yo Mama's was formerly a tailor shop owned by a Mr. Green who hanged himself there. Staff members have reported seeing a ghost with rope burns around his neck sit at the bar. A fun loving fellow in real life, Mr. Green still likes to play pool by moving the balls around on the table. Photos taken on the second floor (where the Secret Room is) show orbs, and a haunted mirror reflects a hazy figure or a weird light emanating from within.
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