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Fair Grounds Race Track in New Orleans


The Sport of Kings:

The sport of kings is alive and well in New Orleans. The Fair Grounds Race Course has provided first class horse racing in New Orleans since 1872. The Fair Grounds, also the site for the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, takes on a very different aura in the fall when some of the best race the course.

Steeped in History:

Originally on the site was the Union Race Course founded in 1852. It closed in 1857 only to be re-opened in 1859 as the Creole Race Course. The course was sacked during the Civil War by Union Troops, and quality horses were confiscated. Nevertheless, horse racing continued. The course became the Mechanics' and Agricultural Fair Grounds and was leased for the duration of the war by several promoters such as the notorious Mississippi riverboat gambler George Devol. The track was the scene for Boxing and baseball games along with bull and bear fights are attractions which accompany Thoroughbred, harness, Quarter Horse, and cavalry races.

Great Food:

The Fairgrounds today is bigger than ever with quality horses, large purses and, as with everything in New Orleans, great food. The traditional opening day for the Fairgrounds Race Course is Thanksgiving Day, and the season runs through March. If you want to spend Thanksgiving at the track, be xure go get a table well in advance. They go quickly. But, remember, if you can't make in on opening day, the Fairgrounds is open all weekend. It might be the perfect place to relax the day after Thanksgiving. Make it a point to include a day at the Fair Grounds on your next visit.

A Casino Too

The Fair Grounds also has a over 600 slot machines, including some of the most popular reel and video games on the market. Here you'll find wide, easy to navigate aisles inside and plenty of free parking outside.

All the Information

For directions, reservations and all the information you need go to the official website for the Fair Grounds.

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