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Are the 2009 New Orleans Saints Superbowl Bound?


The New Orleans Saints This Year

At the helm of The 2009 New Orleans Saints is quarterback Drew Brees who just might have the magic supporting cast to bring the team to the promised land of the Super Bowl! Dare we dream? Everyone on the team seems to be on the same page thanks to the leadership of head coach Sean Payton who is not letting this early success go to his head. Typically, he is more concerned with the team's miscues than with their successes.

The Defense

On the defensive side, new coordinator Gregg Williams has his boys generating six turnovers in the first two games thus giving more opportunities for the high powered offense to put more points on the board. The Saints appear to be true believers but what of the ever faithful fans?

Super Bowl Hopes?

Everyone seems to be ready to jump on the Super Bowl band wagon but from experience realize that they may be letting themselves in for eventual disappointment. Despite history which shows the last time the Saints made the playoff was in 2006, hopes remain high that they will once again soar with the Eagles (forgive the pun!). One might disagree with me but the typical New Orleans fan just might be the most voracious in the NFL. I'll go on line and tell all of you across the nation that if we are fortunate enough to prevail and go all the way, you will see no rioting, you will see no violence but you will see one hell of a great celebration - New Orleans style!

Make a Game

So if you get a chance to support your team and come down to the Cresent City to challenge the Saints, please do so. Here's the home game schedule. We still need help from the devastion of hurricane Katrina. And look on the good side, even if your team loses you can be assured of a good time and probably can count on gaining a few pounds from the wonderful food. One other plus, the Saints fans always make the visitors feel welcome! It is just the way we roll down here! Ya'll come see us now!

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