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Where to go to see the Christmas Lights in New Orleans


One of the best things about Christmas is seeing the wonder in our children's eyes when they see a Chirstmas tree brightly lit with lights. There are some great places in New Orleans to take the kids for an evening of delightful and wonderous Christmas light displays. What better way to spend an evening than with your family watching the joy and excitment in your children's eyes?

1. Celebration in the Oaks

Celebration in the Oaks is the absolute must see light display. It's been listed as in USA Today as one of the top 10 in America. Under century-old oaks trees, gloriously lit with lights too numerous to count, you will find a magical enchanted wonderland. 

The attractions include the thirteen vintage rides, inckuding an antique wooden carousel and a miniature train that tours the park. There's a 14,000-square-foot elevated historic train exhibit that has almost 40 intricately crafted New Orleans landmark buildings between one and three feet tall. It also has replicas of the New Orleans Streetcars, Don't miss the Cajun village.

There's also an ice rink and a restaurant with some great food.

2. Canal Street Holiday Celebrations

Canal Street - Home for the Holidays" is a series of events designed to delight families and children of all ages that happen downtown throughout the month of December. Canal Street is a wide expanse that separates the French Quarter from the American Sector and is beautifully decorated every year. There are fun events on Canal Street all through December like a Christmas parade, an outdoor movie, a block party and more.

3. Miracle on Fulton Street

Fulton Street from Poydras Street is a pedestrian mall lined with restaurants and shops all year round. At Christmas it's a special place, beautiful decorated. It's also magical. It snows on Fulton Street on a regular basis and Santa often visits. That's why in December we call it the "Miracle on Fulton Street".

4. Santa's Secret Workshop

It's a little know fact that Santa has a secret workshop in New Orleans. Set is a large, beautiful Victorian Mansion, there's room for angle choirs, all the elves, Ms. Clause and of course Santa's sleigh in his control room. This is a first class attraction that the whole family will love. It's only open on select nights in December so get your tickets online and ahead of time a this website.

5. Roosevelt Hotel Lobby

A favorite tradition for everyone who grew up in New Orleans is taking a walk through the Roosevelt Hotel Lobby in December. This lobby runs for an entire city block and when I was a small child the ceiling was covered with Angel Hair and colored lights. Today the lobby is a beautiful sight to see with thousands of wihite lights twiinkling in birch trees along the sides and over the ceiling. It's a magical sight and well worth the walk through.

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