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A Great Christmas Famlly Attraction in New Orleans


Tour Santa's Workshop:

Santa has a large secret workshop in New Orleans and he opens it for visitors this time of year. You enter through a magic mirror where Santa's Winter Fairy waits. She will take you on a magical tour. Inside Ms. Clause explains how Santa makes is naughty or nice list, and you'll see mission command to understand how Santa makes his trip successfully. All around you are snow covered trees, dancing polor bears and busy elves. You can also visit the Sleigh Den where Santa's customized twin turbo sleigh is parked. It's equipped with a fully illuminated GPS Navigation System with a Naughty or Nice Sensor and iPod Station.

More Fun at Santa's Secret Workshop:

Inside the workshop, filled with toys ready for delivery, you will also find candle-lit angle choirs, beautifully decorated Christmas treas and interactive fun throughout Santa's mansion. Santa's Toy Workshop and the Toy Warehouse have spectacular special effects that create the illusion of an endless hallway of toys, all in stock and ready for delivery by Santa. It has expanded this year with even more fun for the whole family.

Before the Tour:

This attraction attracks crowds, so it's best to get your tickets in advance. This year there is entertainment and goodies served outside to help you enjoy the anticipation of seeing Santa and Mrs. Clause in their victorian home.

After the Tour:

After the tour, guests are welcome to relax in the Candy Land Theater, where they can enjoy refreshments and be entertained by magicians and sing-a-long with the Teddy Bear Singers. No matter how busy he is, Santa always has time for a photograph with the kids.

Set in a Beautiful Victorian Mansion:

Santa's Secret Warkshop is set in a beautiful Victorian Mansion at 4800 Canal Street and is only open on select days in December. As you approach the mansion snow gently falls to get you iin the mood for something magical. Tickets are available on line at a discount. Go to this website for the discounted tickest and more information.
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