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Top 10 Best of New Orleans Music


New Orleans is known for its music.

1. The Neville Brothers

The Neville Brothers is the group that put New Orleans Funk on the map. Since the 60's they have been writing and playing their special style of New Orleans music.

2. The Funky Meters

The Funky Meters have been a favorite among locals for decades. They write and play the best of New Orleans Funk.
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3. Aaron Neville

Are there words to describe Aaron Neville's voice accurately? Anyone who has heard his voice has tried. I've heard it described as angelic, and I think that's as close as one can get. If you've never heard him sing, you're missing one of life's greatest experiences. He can sing New Orleans Funk or Gospel with equal ability and I never get tired of hearing his voice.

4. Irma Thomas

Irma Thomas is New Orleans's Queen of Soul music, and much loved in New Orleans and around the world.
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5. Dr. John

Dr. John, the daytripper is the quinticential New Orleans artist. He has the language, tradition and beat of New Orleans running through his veins and it comes out in his music.
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6. The Marsalis Family

Wynton, Branford, Jason and the entire Marsalis family have displayed some of the greatest musical talent in New Orleans.
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7. Dirty Dozen Brass Band

In Jazz, the Dirty Dozen Brass Band is a household name around New Orleans. Whether it's Sunday Brunch or a Jazz Funeral, they have the right music.
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8. Cowboy Mouth

One of the most entertaining of local New Orleans bands is Cowboy Mouth. Fred LeBlanc puts on a show that goes well beyond just musical entertainment.
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9. Rockin' Dopsie

The leading man in Zydeco is Rockin' Dopsie, Jr. He can sing, play the washboard, dance and do acrobatics that make my back hurt just to watch. But I love him. My favorite is "Feet don't fail me now."
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10. Marcia Ball

With the exception of Irma Thomas, nobody sings New Orleans soul music like Marcia Ball. To hear her at her piano belting out soul music is my idea of heaven.
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