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Sweet Lorraine's Jazz Club in New Orleans



Sweet Lorraine's Jazz Club in New Orleans is one of the best venues for hearing New Orleans Jazz. Voted one of the 10 best Jazz clubs in the country, Sweet Lorraine's offers the best New Orleans has to offer in live Jazz music.


Sweet Lorraine's is located in near the lower end of the French Quarter at 1931 St Claude Ave. Easily accessible by cab from the French Quarter. This area of town is known as the Marigny and is the home of many jazz clubs, bars and restaurants. The main street for this fun part of the city is Frenchmen Street.

A Great Venue for New Orleans Jazz:

Sweet Lorraine's has a seating capacity for over 200 people and has a state of the art sound system for this type of setting. Because of its size and renown in the Jazz world, Sweet Lorraine's attracts major Jazz performers from New Orleans, the U.S. and around the world.

Beyond the Jazz:

Sweet Lorraine's is also a great place to enjoy some traditional New Orleans Cuisine. The dinner menu includes a variety of Gumbos, Pastas, Salads, Red Beans and Rice, and of course great Louisiana Seafood. The club also has a great martini menu and a fair wine list. They also have private party facilities and a catering menu.

Schedule and Tickets:

To get the Schedule of performances and tickets, go to Sweet Lorriane's website
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