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The National World War II Museum


The National World War II Museum

The National World War II D-Day Museum in New Orleans

National World War II Museum

The Only World War II Museum in the United States:

The only National World War II Museum is conveniently located in the Warehouse/arts district of New Orleans. The museum is affiliated with the Smithsonian Institute, and has been designated by Congress as "America's National World War II Museum."

Understanding the Contribution of the "Greatest Generation:"

In the 70,500 square feet of the museum learn the economic and political roots which led to the build-up and military mobilization of Allied Forces in the 17 D-Days around the world. Hear personal stories, or if you're a researcher, sort through the collection of important materials for research and scholarship. Bring the children to find inspiration and to learn life lessons of teamwork, the value of democracy, unsung bravery from the most complex military operations ever staged.

Highlights of the Museum:

Some of the exhibits are reproductions of the Higgins landing craft built by volunteers, many of whom worked on these boats during the war.

There's a 110-seat Auditorium where the films D-Day Remembered, an Academy Award© nominated documentary film, produced by the Museum, and Price of Peace are shown.

Four interactive galleries which profile America's role in World War II through exhibits featuring electronic maps, mini-theaters, photomurals, text panels and original artifacts that allow visitors to see a piece of D-Day firsthand.

Don't miss the nine "Personal Account" or oral history stations where visitors can hear the stories of veterans and home front workers who participated in the war effort.

The kids love the museum's collection of Aircraft, vehicles, weapons, uniforms, home front materials, and other significant artifacts. Additionally, there are numerous educational programs for students of all ages.

The New Expansion has Quadrupled the Space:

The museum has completed a $282 million expansion that covers all of the theaters and services that played a role in World War II and create a national center for research on the war. This new building also houses the American Sector Restaurant by Chef John Besh. Be sure to stop in for some comfort food from the 1940's.

Why New Orleans?

The World War II Museum is in New Orleans because of Andrew Higgins, a New Orleans boat builder who designed and built the crafts used to bring the troops to shore for D-Day. President Eisenhower said of Andrew Higgins, "He is the man who won the war for us."

Plan a Visit:

The National World War II Museum is located at 945 Magazine Street, corner of Andrew Higgins. The museume is open seven days a week from October through June from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. It's closed on Mondays from July through September. It's closed on Mardi Gras Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

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