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Krewe Of Muses


Krewe Of Muses

Krewe of Muses Shoe

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Krewe Of Muses:

The Krewe of Muses is an organization of New Orleans businesswomen with a passion for Mardi Gras. Named for the Greek Muses of mythology,this is an all-female krewe--no male riders allowed. Muses is also a benevolent organization, concentrating on children's issues, but also generous with its time for battered and elderly women. Muses also contributes to the arts in New Orleans. The Krewe's Motto: Happy Are They Whom the Muses Love.

The Parade:

The theme of the parade is kept secret each year until parade time. Each year another Muse is honored, such as Thalia, Muse of Comedy with local actress/comedian Becky Allen. The parade itself has about 26 floats with some unmistakably "Muses" themes. The Shoe float is a 17 1/2 foot high, 20 foot long pump, covered in fiberoptic lights that constantly changes colors. The "Bathing Muses" is a bubbling bathtub with about 20 bubbly beauties and special lighting. Special marching groups include the Ninth Ward Marching Band, the Rolling Elvi, the Pussyfooters and the Bearded Oysters.

The Throws:

These are generous riders who throw heavily, and throw very few generic beads. Almost everything has the Muses’ name on it, such as their signature stuffed animals, bars of soap in the shape of the red Muses pump, beaded can-holder/purse necklaces,“light-up” beads,glitter shoes and fiber optic medallions. There is also an annual “surprise” throw such as a compact with a mirror and a pedicure kit.

When and Where:

The Thursday night before Mardi Gras and starts the ride further up St. Charles Ave. than most parades. For more information and the route, go to the official website.
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