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NOLA Pyrate Week



NOLA Pyrate Week brings nine days of swashbuckling fun started by local musicians and artists, as well as community and charitable organizations. The purpose is to have fun dressed as a pirate, and help the community.


Events include several parties at the Avenue Pub (1732 Saint Charles Ave. There is a parade on the last Friday of Pyrate Week that starts at 7 p.m. at the R-Bar and wonders through the French Quarter. Other events include a crawfish boil, lunch with the pirates, a parade and a pirates ball. There is also a pirate's merchandise sale.


There are several events set up to volunteer in various parts of the recovery of New Orleans including the Green Project, devoted to making New Orleans more Green.


NOLA Pyrate Week is usually held the first weekend of April.

More Info:

For all the information you need go to the official NOLA Pyrate Week website
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