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Lundi Gras in New Orleans


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Lundi Gras is "Fat Monday," the day before Mardi Gras "Fat Tuesday." There's a major celebration and it's all free!


Over the last twenty years, the celebration of Lundi Gras has blossomed. There is live music in the afternoon, several parades that evening and a spectacular fireworks display on the river at night.


Lundi Gras live music stages are set up on the river in the Spanish Plaza, at the Riverwalk Marketplace. And, that's where the fireworks are at night. You can see the fireworks from any where along the Riverwalk, but the area in front of the Aquarium of the Americas is a good place to be. You can catch the Parades along St. Charles Avenue between Napoleon and Canal. The parades do run along Canal also, but it's more crowded because Canal borders the French Quarter.

The Big Event:

The party starts at 3pm with music until 6:30. There's a fire works show, then more music until 8: pm. Here's this year's schedule Also, two of the best parades in Mardi Gras roll on Lundi Gras. Proteus and Orpheus. Also, there's an all day party at the Riverwalk.

At 6 p.m. Rex, the king of Carnival arrives on the river by boat and meets with the King of Zulu. They are greeted by the Mayor. It now becomes official that Rex rules over New Orleans for the next day. It's quite a ceremony if you've never seen it, it's worth a view.

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