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September in New Orleans


Jackson Square

Jackson Square

Wayne Keating

It's still summer, but the weather usually cools down just a bit toward the end of the month. That's when it's time to get outside and enjoy the fun fall events in New Orleans. Here's a list of the best fall events in New Orleans.

September Weather

  • High 91F 31C
  • Low 74F 22C
  • Average Rainfall 6.15"

What To Wear

  • Summer Gear--Comfortable Sandals and/or Walking Shoes
  • Light and Cool Clothing
  • Sun Hats, Sunglasses, and Sunscreen
  • Umbrellas

September Perks

  • You can still get great deals at area restaurants and hotels.
  • NFL Football returns with the New Orleans Saints.

September Cons

  • It's still hot and humid.

September Events

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