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Mardi Gras for Beginners


Sharon Keating

It All Ends at Midnight:

No matter what goes on during the carnival season and specifically on Mardi Gras day on Bourbon Street, it all ends exactly at midnight. At the stroke of midnight, Lent starts and the party ends. Mounted police leading a parade of large street cleaners clear Bourbon Street. So, it's best to be off Bourbon Street before midnight. Many newcomers to Mardi Gras either don't know this or don't believe it and get caught up in the fray. Believe it, the party ends at midnight.

So, come to Mardi Gras and don't be afraid to have a good time. Remember you can come alone and see the sites on Bourbon Street, or bring the kids and stay on St. Charles Avenue.

The final and most important lesson, Mardi Gras is family-friendly.

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