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Best of New Orleans Attractions and Landmarks


On a visit to New Orleans there are "must-see" attractions and landmarks. All the famous places you've read about and seen in photos and movies are real and worth a visit. Here's a guide to the best of New Orleans.
  1. Best Restaurants
  2. Best Activities for Kids
  3. Best Bars
  4. Best Festivals
  5. Best Hotels
  1. Best Music Venues
  2. Best of Mardi Gras
  3. Best Holiday Events
  4. Best Museums

Best Restaurants

Tee Eva's

New Orleans is famous for it's cuisine, and with good reason. Everywhere else people eat to live, in New Orleans we live to eat!

Best Activities for Kids

Monkey Hill at the Audubon Zoo

A list of the best things to do with kids in New Orleans.

Best Bars

Dixie Beer sign in front of Tipitina's in New Orleans

New Orleans loves to party! There are some great bars in New Orleans.

Best Festivals

New Orleans has a festival to celebrate everything from Tennessee Williams to the Po-Boy. Find out which festivals are not to be missed.

Best Hotels

There are hotels for every budget and taste in New Orleans. In New Orleans there are all major chains, several boutique hotels and some great B&Bs.

Best Music Venues

street band

New Orleans music is in the air at all times. It's on the wind and in the trees. New Orleans music is appreciated around the world. On your visit, be sure to hear Jazz, Funk, Soul, Cajun, Zydeco and Street Bands.

Best of Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras, the world's biggest free party, is something to see at least once in your life.

Best Holiday Events

Presents under the Tree at Teddy Bear Christmas Tea in New Orleans

Whether it's Christmas or the Fourth of July, there are great events for holiday seasons.

Best Museums

Botanical Gardens

New Orleans has a museum for everything from art to Voodoo and food and cocktails. Here are the best.

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