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A Guide to Jazz Fest


Guide to Jazz Fest

When you're going to Jazz Fest you need a schedule at the minimum. Then, because there are so many stages and it's crowed, you need a map. It's always good to have reviews of the acts you might want to see, but aren't really sure about. Also, you will want to know what to do at night after, where the best shows are, who's playing and where.

The Jazz Fest Bible

Offbeat Magazine publishes a Jazz Fest Bible every year that's a great investment. The cost is $12.00. Here are some of the highlights features on the bible.

  • Pullout pocket guide to the Jazz Fest with map and daily schedules
  • Jazz Fest A-Z: descriptions of every single artist performing at Jazz Fest
  • Fest Focuses: highlights of some of this year's top performers
  • Listings of all the best night shows during Jazz Fest
  • Tips from local chefs on their favorite Jazz Fest food
  • In depth looks at some of the performers
  • All the reviews and news you're looking for

Get the Jazz Fest Bible

You can get the Jazz Fest Bible at bookstores, drug stores of anywhere that sells magazines. You can also order on on line at Offbeat's website. It's also available as a free app on your iPhone.

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