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White Linen Night in New Orleans


Oregon Couple
Sharon Keating (c) 2005


WHITNEY'S WHITE LINEN NIGHT presented by the New Orleans Arts District Association and Whitney National Bank is on the first Saturday in August from 6-9pm. Best part is that it's free!


White Linen Night is an annual summer pre-art season celebration along Julia St. (300-700 blocks), throughout the New Orleans Warehouse/Arts District, and at the Contemporary Arts Center. You'll find art openings at nearly 20 galleries with contemporary works by local, national and international artists. Plus, live music and curbside cash bars and restaurants. Best of all, admission is free. See some photos.


A fund-raiser for the Contemporary Arts Center and a showcase for a number of the finer galleries in the Warehouse/Arts District, White Linen Night has become a major event in summer. The Warehouse/Arts District of New Orleans has been favorably compared to the Arts Districts in New York. See the photos.

Don't Wash Your Linen:

Save your dirty linen for the next Saturday and wear it at Dirty Linen Night on Royal Street. Only in New Orleans would these two events be back-to-back!

Special Events:

Every year there are special events around Julia Street on White Linen Night. The Contemporary Arts Center always has a big party. The New Orleans Glassworks puts on a fun exhibit, and the Transportation Revolution is also a fun place for some extra fun on White Linen Night.

Best Special Events for 2011:

This year, there are some great special events connected with White Linen Night. Here are the best.
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